This is the painting "Heart/sun-shining". Berlin 1988, unsalable (do-space). Like the sun, the heart ( is an intersection that encompasses the feelings or vibrations of both the cosmos and the earth. Without the heart it is impossible to see or breathe beyond the surface or feel the metaphysical repercussions of the universe (circle line). The heart is the centre of spirituality, joy and intuition. It is the seat of the soul, which enjoys divine immortality and survives the highs and lows along the path of destiny.
In this diagramm, the body and hourglass are positioned on the treble clef. The narrowest part of the hourglass and the heart are on the note "so". If we consider ART as the upper part of the glass, and EARTH as the lower half, then it is clear that the first law is as follows; ART comes through the HEART to EARTH (From "Stellina").